Doing da vinci machine gun

And you can rip them off the turret and carry them around for a while.
Armored Core has two flavors of Dakka: The first is the machine guns.
As an added bonus, upgrading the dakkaness of their weapons referred to in-game as "Aggro" naturally results in tecnocasa sassari via leonardo da vinci drawing more fire from enemy troops, which is the entire point of the Aggro system.Many of the future weapons he samsung galaxy note цена в сулпаке carried were just as ridiculous.Have a problem that you can't figure out how to get around with the units you have or the strategy the game is recommending?The above example, from a later book, is referred to as a 'hypermachine gun'.Game's Mac Attack the backbox and playfield art is covered in large-bore cannons, while the player's Attack Base has eight gun barrels visible, and that's before counting the two pinball-launching cannons on the cabinet.Averted tank by da vinci in pretty much every other use in the film series, ever.Notably, he shows why this is a bad idea in reality.Also you should try playing the game hacked Endless Zombie Rampage and use the Pancor Jackhammer auto shotgun just hold the button down trust.The Dreadnought from Sonic X: Dark Chaos is built entirely around this trope.Their heavy assault gun is a miniature chaingun, and their rifle's tracers look like lasers because they fire so damn fast.

To put that in perspective, the GAU-17/A.k.a.
In Mega Man Battle Network, certain power-ups give MegaMan the "vulcan" ability, which frankly means rapidfire.
They dive behind cover and wait for the guy's full-auto Dakka to burn through the clip in about five seconds, then capture him when he tries to reload.
On the other end, Bandit is either an inversion or aversion, as he definitely believes in "enuff dakka".
The "Death Blossom" attack of The Last Starfighter.Use more gun." Part this" is inverted in a voice line that he says when then engineer builds a mini-sentry.More Dakka can even work against targets where conventional attacks are normally ineffective even if each shot only does.Turned hilariously Up to 11 in Raising Arizona, in an extended shootout where everyone down to the grocery-store butcher is packing massive heat.Another battlestar, the Pegasus, has even more dakka, armed with frontal batteries capable of putting enormous holes in Cylon basestars.Desmond is able to demonstrate all of Ezio's skills, indicating that he has absorbed years worth of abilities in only a matter of hours.The Amazing Fantasy volume 2 headliner Vegas featured Sixgun, a member of the mutant gang Vegas used to run with.A lower-level substitute was the secondary mode of the Stormtrooper blaster rifle, which was even less accurate than the primary fire.

There are of course options for achieving a similar effect in Dungeons Dragons.
Colonel Burton, the American hero unit, carries a minigun.
On 16 November 2010, a follow-up in the form.


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