Da vinci code cryptex solution

Also perfect for oviesse taglie comode autunno inverno use in escape room puzzles.
Have you ever wanted a cryptex - like the one from The Da Vinci Code, but something bigger that can hold larger items?
30: We now have this, bring the other ring around the tube.
Bring the dial rings around the cryptex, and also the inner tube.I recommend to read through it anyway.You could use a PVC tube for the smallest tube, but then it better have a thick frame, for the nails.33:.But first connect that thing to that other end.These nails are so important because they are the tabs that go through the notches on the rings.The Dremel turns fast and shoots off particles from the sandpaper.In the Da Vinci Code, the cryptexes were used different than how they were meant by Da Vinci, in the story they use it as a part of a big puzzle, the answer to a riddle is the password of a cryptex, which contains another.

A bigger version is found here.
To my opinion the use of cryptexes in such a way is a bit ridiculous, the characters in the book could've just put the cryptex in the freezer so that the vinegar gets frozen, then they could saw it open without danger.
The solder should also fill the close the holes with the nails fully.
If the vial breaks, the piece of paper gets all drenched in vinegar, so it's absolutely sure that it's unreadable!
They should go from the smallest rube to the third tube, and not touch the 4th tube.Take a candle and gently burn the edges.Here is the proof that it works, tested by cavingboy92.We need to know it's natural place for the next steps.Do you love brain teaser puzzles and games or know someone who does?But look at the cylinder with the yellow border, I made that with the Dremel, it fits in the smallest tube.


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